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Jul. 2nd, 2005 @ 03:40 pm Warning: See WAR OF THE WORLDS first...
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed
Like VANILLA SKY and MINORITY REPORT before it, I like WAR OF THE WORLDS less and less everyday I think back to it.
Seems like no matter how broad or even global the scope of a movie's concept is, it ends up with just a narrow focus around Tom Cruise (see MISSION IMPOSSIBLE also). There's never the feeling that anything more than New England is being attacked by aliens...with strict orders to NOT shoot Tom Cruise.
I didn't mind the film so much as I was watching it, but by the end it left me feeling unsatisfied and with too many questions.
WHAT constitutes him as an absentee/ deadbeat dad? He isn't shown to be womanizer; have a drinking/gambling problem;devoted to his "art" or career. If he'd been abusive he wouldn't have had custody at all. Outside of his job he doesn't seem to have shit else going on. His (apparently retarded) kids are fanatical in their distance from him, yet there is nothing to support that other than the fact that he's poor and their stepdad isn't. I'm sorry, I thought those kids were assholes...yes, both of them. But I never warmed up to Cruise's character either.
WHY is he the only guy in Joisey without a cartoonish accent?
WHAT'S the deal with people from New Jersey? The ground crumbles beneath their feet and yet they only take two steps back at a time. Granted they've never been invaded by underground aliens before, but surely they're familiar with the concept of EARTHQUAKES. Does it really take half of the crowd getting phasered for them to start running?
You'll notice there are no black people in that scene.
HOW is it the alien's death machines were buried in the earth for a million years and we never came across one of them ever?
WHY did they wait so long to attack?
do they kill some people and turn others into Twizzlers? I know, I know, none of that was revealed in the original story but this new movie adds the concept of the aliens planting devices long before man even existed. Once such extreme premeditation is introduced it demands that a motive be explained. You can't have it both ways.
HOW MUCH more money (time? concepts artists?) did Spielberg need to create a movie that doesn't remind us so much of SIGNS, INDEPENDENCE DAY, JURASSIC PARK, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, DAWN OF THE DEAD, Half-Life2(!!!) etc.??? It isn't like Quentin Tarantino where all the references are acknowledged and tweaked. WAR OF THE WORLDS doesn't do anything new or better with what it rips-off. You gotta admit, the aliens in INDEPENDENCE DAY looked better and I hate to give that movie credit for anything!
WHY wasn't the entire Tim Robbins scene left on the cutting room floor. Nothing against Robbins, but for all the depth that entire sequence seemed to portend (paranoia, the break down of society, whatever) all it really yielded was a JURASSIC PARK rip-off tense moment. Imagine the movie without that part and it still works, which means it shouldn't be in there.
WHAT is with the son being so hell-bent on fighting with the army against all common sense, abandoning the sister with the dad they 'hate' so much? It was like the actor had a family emergency and couldn't finishing filming so they wrote him out of the movie. Good riddance.
However, having him alive at the end of the movie (did you notice the SIZE of the fireball that came up over the hill he went down?) is the penultimate death knell of the whole picture. That and the grandparents wearing cardigan sweaters at the end. Come on!!
WHO greenlighted Morgan Freeman reprising his role from BRUCE ALMIGHTY as the voice of God? It was great for the opening but at the closing it was WAY too little, too late and just punctuated everything that was wrong. Makes you feel stupid about the parts you did enjoy.

"...And Tom Cruise, if you want to squelch the gay rumors, don't allow yourself to get sucked up into an evil alien sphincter anymore."
   - Johnny Neill
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