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May. 8th, 2005 @ 09:27 pm movie reviews : Sideways and Something the Lord Made
Sideways - Whose idea was it to write this off as a comedy? It's more of an adventure/drama. Two middle-aged men, one (Miles Raymond) still recovering two years after a divorce, the other (Thomas Haden Church) about to be married, go on a trip to wine county. This has some excellent acting and character developement. I both hated and empathized with the characters at alternate points, but never cried or felt inclined to do so. Unfortunetly most of the middle of the movie was boring, depressing and self-indulgent for what amounted to two men having mid-life crisises with wine thrown in mostly as a gimmick to hold the entire thing together. There was so much attention spared on what amounted to down-time in the movie. There were only two genuine laughs. I know I went into this expecting a comedy, but when i put aside those expectations, the movie was still dull until the last half-hour. Even dramas need to have some pace. - C+

Something the Lord Made - The historical relationship of the first two heart surgeons Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman) and Vivien Thomas (Mos Def). What a powerful and awesome movie. The acting is superb. Alan Rickman was wonderful as always, and brought a realness but still quite human and likable quality to Alfred Blalock. Mos Def continues to defie the idea that rappers are bad actors with his wonderful performance. The story is very good (you can't make this sort of thing up) and stays believable and is well-told. It deals with the ins-and-outs of racism interfering on the relationships of the two doctors, rather than smothering the story entirely. I have found another historical drama that I truly love - A
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